Table of Contents

ePlan Services

The ePlan Services page provides a test utility to confirm validity of ePlans before attaching it to the SPEAR application. The validation report, ePlan data viewer and visualisation functions are available on this page, after the ePlan is uploaded following the steps below.


  1. Click on the 'Choose file' button, and select the relevant document in XML format.
  2. Note - If you already have an Enhanced Diagram File, you can upload it along with your XML file by clicking on the 'Choose file' button next to 'Enhanced Diagram File' option. Enhanced Diagram File is a file in JSON format which includes the diagram representation information and can be downloaded from the ePlan Visualisation Enhancement Tool.

  3. Click on the 'Open' button on the pop-up window.
  4. Tick one or more action(s) you wish to perform i.e. "Validate", "Visualise" or "Data Viewer". If the "Visualise" action is ticked, select one of the 'Plan' or 'Plan with Survey' radio buttons.
  5. Click on the 'submit' button.
  6. The results for the selected actions will then be displayed as icons.
  7. You can view or download the "Visualised PDF" (Yellow eP icon), "Validation Report" (Pink VR icon), "Data Viewer Report" (Blue DV icon), or "ePlan Visualisation Enhancement Tool" (Orange ET icon) by clicking on the icons.
  8. To test another ePlan, click on the 'Browse' button and continue from Step 1.