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Pay Fee to Responsible Authority through SPEAR

On this screen, you will be able to confirm or select options for payments.

If you selected to submit your application and pay fees now, the 'Fee Type' will default to 'Statutory' and a calculated amount will be displayed in the 'Amount to Pay' field. This amount will be calculated based on the number of lots in the plan and/or permit category, as defined by the Applicant Contact when creating the application.

If you wish to pay a different amount, then the fee can be overwritten on this screen.

If you selected the optional action 'Pay Fee to Responsible Authority' you need to complete all the mandatory fields.

Some Responsible Authorities may choose to apply a surcharge to SPEAR payments - if they do, it will be displayed on this screen.

Select 'next>' to move out of SPEAR and into the Westpac payment gateway. Once you have completed all the actions in the payment gateway, you will be returned to SPEAR.

If you require further information, see User Guide 41 - Paying Planning Permit Application Fees