Table of Contents

Nominate lodging method

Applicant Contacts must nominate the lodging method for all certification and joint applications - either electronic or paper.
This can be done once the application has been accepted by the Responsible Authority, but will become a mandatory action if not already completed prior to releasing for lodgement at Land Use Victoria.


You will need to complete the following to nominate a lodging method:

  1. Indicate whether the application will be lodged via SPEAR (electronic) or by paper.
    • If selecting paper, click on the 'save & close' button to complete your selection. The paper lodging party will need to lodge the application outside of SPEAR.
  2. For electronic lodgments, begin typing the name of the SPEAR-enabled lodging party in the 'Lodging Party Organisation Name' field to refine the list of available organisations. Once the required Lodging Party has appeared, click on its name to select it.
  3. An email will automatically be sent to the organisation when nominated.
  4. Click on the 'save & close' button to complete the action. The lodging party will now be granted access to the application and all required documents.

Note: Check the SPEAR website for the current listing of SPEAR-enabled lodging parties: https://www.spear.land.vic.gov.au/spear/spearOrganisations/List.do

Responding to Lodging Party Access Request

Alternatively, you may receive a request in SPEAR from a lodging party requesting access to an application. You can either accept or reject this request using the mandatory 'Respond to Lodging Party Access request' action.


You will need to complete the following to Respond to Lodging Party Access request:

  1. Click on the 'Respond to Lodging Party Access Request' action and indicate whether you accept or reject the request.
  2. If you accept the request, SPEAR will automatically complete the 'Nominate Lodging Method' and nominate the application to be lodged electronically through SPEAR by that lodging party.
  3. If you reject the request, no changes to the Nominate Lodging Method will occur.
  4. SPEAR will notify the lodging party whether their request has been accepted or rejected.