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Email application and supporting documents to a party after certification and prior to Statement of Compliance (SOC).

SPEAR allows an applicant to send an email notification containing application documents to a third party. In particular, it will enable the lodging party and any other nominated interested parties to view selected application documents once certification has been issued.

The optional action "Email Application Documents to Lodging Party" will appear in the actions drop down list after the certification decision has been made.


You will need to complete the following to send an email notification containing application documents to the lodging party (or other) after certification.

  1. Browse to the Details Tab and choose "Email Application Documents to Lodging Party" from the "Actions" drop down list.
  2. Enter the email address of the party to receive application documents into the 'lodging party email address' field.
  3. You are able to send a copy of the application documents to any other interested party. If applicable, enter one or more email addresses into the "CC email address" field.
  4. Enter any text you want to include with the email into the "Optional text to include in email" text box.
  5. Only those documents with a flag next to 'available to lodging party' can be attached to the email. Chose the documents you wish to attach by selecting the tick box.
  6. Click 'continue'
  7. Authenticate with your spear password. The confirmation "performed" will appear next to the action once it has been authenticated.