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Create an application

Applicant Contacts can create new SPEAR applications for a number of application types, including planning permit, certification and other survey-based dealings lodged with Land Use Victoria. All supporting documents are attached from the Details screen following creation of the application.


You will need to complete the following steps to create a new application:

  • Click on 'Create New Application' at the top right of the Application List screen.
  • Select the required 'Application Type' from the drop-down list and click the 'select' button.

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  Planning Permit and Certification

  Application under the Transfer of Land Act, Local Government Act and 'other' application types

  Boundary Plan

  Plan of Crown Allotment

  Notice of Re-Establishment

NOTE: You can save your application's progress by clicking the 'save' button at any stage. Any errors or omissions will be highlighted and must be fixed prior to authentication of the document.