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Request Application Transfer

A registered SPEAR applicant has the option to request the transfer of an existing SPEAR application to their organisation. It can be used when a client transfers their business to a new surveyor or town planner. The applicant contact who is taking over the application can make the request in SPEAR, and the system will prompt for the original applicant contact to consent to the request.


You will need to complete the following to send a request for the transfer of an existing SPEAR application:

  1. Select the action 'Request application transfer' from the top-right of the Application List screen.
  2. Enter the SPEAR reference number of the application (in the format SnnnnnnA).
  3. Click on the 'next' button.
  4. The property details will be displayed. If these are correct, click on the 'request transfer' button. Otherwise, click on the Search again hyperlink.
  5. A request application confirmation will be displayed.
  6. Click on the 'return' button to return to the Application List.

A notification email will be sent to the current application owner requesting the transfer. You will receive a notification email once the current application owner has processed your request. If they accept the transfer request the application will be displayed in your Application List.