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Amending a submitted application

Applicants can submit a set of proposed amendments to a current application for assessment by the Responsible Authority. The application can not have a status of "Certification Decision", "Statement of Compliance" or "Lodged at Land Use Victoria".

Previously submitted documents can be modified by using the modify option in the drop down list.

Changes to some documents will be classed by a Responsible Authority as an amendment to the application. Once the documents are authenticated, a new mandatory action will be displayed - "Submit all proposed changes". Any documents that have been modified will be displayed on the Details Screen with a prefix of "Proposed".


You will need to complete the following to submit all proposed changes to the Responsible Authority:

  1. Select the mandatory action "Submit all proposed changes".
  2. The "Submit All Proposed Application Changes" screen will display a list of the updated documents as well as a declaration that must be made regarding notification of the owner. Check the declaration box.
  3. Click on "submit".
  4. A confirmation will be displayed on the Details Screen.

A notification will be sent to the Responsible Authority to assess the proposed changes to the application. Once assessed, you will be notified of the outcome. Until the assessment is done, the amended documents will have the prefix of "Proposed".

Note: Documents marked as "Proposed" can not be viewed by Referral Authorities until the Responsible Authority accepts the changes.

Note: In most circumstances, the local council is the Responsible Authority. However in some circumstances the Minister for Planning is the Responsible Authority. For further information, visit the Ministerial Permits webpage.