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Add Surveyors Report

A Surveyors Report is a requirement for lodgment of most Subdivision Act dealings at Land Use Victoria. It is mandatory in SPEAR to either add a Surveyors Report, or to indicate that a Surveyors Report is not required.

If you are unsure whether a Surveyors Report is required for a particular dealing type, you should check with Land Use Victoria.

To add a Surveyors Report or indicate a Surveyors Report is not required, the following steps need to be completed:


  1. Select the mandatory action 'Add Surveyors Report' from the Details Screen and click 'go'.
    Note: This will be an optional action prior to the application reaching a status of 'Statement of Compliance'.
  2. If a Surveyors Report is to be provided, click 'Browse' to locate and attach the file.
  3. If a Surveyors Report is not required, select the radio button next to 'The Surveyors Report is not required'.
  4. To complete the process, the Surveyors Report must be authenticated (signed) using a digital certificate.

Note: Indicating a Surveyors Report is not required (in error) may result in Land Use Victoria lodgment delays and/or registration delays. If unsure, contact Land Use Victoria for advice.

Add Supplementary Surveyors Report

An optional action to 'Add Supplementary Surveyors Report' will appear in the 'Other actions' drop-down list if a Supplementary Abstract of Field Records (SAFR) document has already been supplied in SPEAR.

To attach a Supplementary Surveyors Report, select the optional action and follow steps 2 and 4 above.

Note: You will need to supply the SAFR prior to having access to the 'Add Supplementary Surveyors Report' optional action.