Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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ePlan Services

The ePlan Services can be accessed from the following link:
or by clicking on the option 'ePlan Services' located at the top right corner of the SPEAR Application List screen.

The ePlan Services include:

  • ePlan Validation Service
    Checks for completeness and correctness to the ePlan Protocol and plan examination rules. The detail of each validation rule is described in SPEAR Help Pages - Validation Rules by Category.

  • ePlan Visualisation Service
    Generates a fully drafted plan PDF from the ePlan file. The generated PDF is then used for the council application process and registration process. Below are some sample PDF plans generated from ePlans.

  • ePlan Data Viewer
    Creates a tabular view of both graphical and textual data that can be used to review the content of an ePlan.

For more information about the ePlan Services, please see User Guide 52 - Creating ePlan Applications and Using ePlan Services (PDF 1.0MB).